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Bacchus is responsible for wine and wild fun.
Paquius Proculus and his wife
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A reconstruction of a Pompeii street with political propaganda
A reconstruction of a Pompeii street with political propaganda
These two online articles provide an excellent introduction to Pompeii politics.
1. Pompeii Graffiti Reveal World of Politics, Passion and Religion click here
a brief extract: "I ask you to elect Marcus Cerrinius Vatia to the aedileship. All the late drinkers support him.Florus and Fructus wrote this."
We also find that "the petty thieves support Vatia for the aedileship."
One wonders if the supporters or the enemies of Vatia wrote this last inscription.

2. Independent Women of Pompeii: The Political Power of Roman Women click here
a brief extract: Eumachia was quite the woman about Pompeii.
Aside from being a wife and mother, she was a public priestess to the cult of Venus (Venus was the patron goddess of Pompeii). And she was the patroness of the fullers' guild.
Fullers were dry cleaners of a sort. They laundered the tunics and togas of the town, as well as prepared wool to turn into fine fabrics. It was one of Pompeii's principal industries.
Being the patroness of this trade would have been quite notable for Eumachia and her family.