In our study of Macbeth we will be refering to 'plain' versions of the text alongside the original Shakespearean language.

the No Fear Shakespeare Macbeth edition (about $8 in Dymocks) features both original and plain versions of the text side by side - this is a great resource!

In class we will also be refering to Macbeth The Graphic Novel created by Classical Comics. If you are interested in buying a copy of this it is about $22 ordered through a bookshop or $21 plus postage from the Australian distributor.
There are three versions of the book each with a different level of text:
Original text- Shakespearean language
Plain text - original script converted into modern language
Quick text - quick modern English for a fast read

we are using the plain text version.

Lady Macbeth tries to slap her husband into his senses
Roll your mouse over the picture above to see how the Shakespearean text is re-written into modern language - the 'plain' text version.
If you want to see the quality of the graphics then click on the thumbnails below.
These are the coloured artwork only - so they are without the three different versions of the text.
Macbeth page 05 Macbeth page 07 Macbeth page 14 Macbeth page 15 Macbeth page 19
Macbeth page 21 Macbeth page 24 Macbeth page 26 Macbeth page 29 Macbeth page 34
Macbeth page 65 Macbeth page 66 Macbeth page 75 Macbeth page 104 Macbeth page 114

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