Student Research Project

In this unit each student will investigate, compile and present a personal research project on a particular context, composer, or paradigm (way of thinking).
Students may use one of the three units studied earlier in Yr 10 as a model for their individual study - however it is not compulsory that these units are used.

Students will engage in self selected wide reading and research in order to gain a deep and broad knowledge and appreciation of their chosen topic.
They will critically respond to texts through analysis of language structures and features and understanding of context.

Students will compose a written and oral presentation that synthesises their research and reflects a developing personal response to literature. This presenation should demonstrate a sustained argument supported by evidence and use conventions of citation to acknowledge sources.
week 1What interests me?
week 2Identifying values
week 3Collection phase
week 4proposals
week 5Language Analysis
week 6Using Secondary Sources
week 7Citation (Referencing / Library
week 8Presentations

Student reflection and evaluation will be a major componant of this unit and assessment.
This is a chance for the student to reflect on their process of learning and where they believe they suceeded and also where they need to improve.
For the proposal, final presentation and report, students should be integrating evaluation and reflection into their work.

You can choose any text type, any topic, any era.

What is my interest, my idea, my concern?
Why is this idea important to me?
What kinds of texts or evidence will I gather to show why this idea is important to me?
How will I go about it? And how can I ensure that my conclusions are reasonable, fair, insightful, and accurate?

Students may use one of the three units studied earlier in Yr 10 as a model for their individual study, eg:
using term 1 unit 'Composers who break the rules' as a starting point - How do composers in the art world break the rules?
Or term 2 'genre' unit: look at comedy (or tragedy, or migrants) with an investigation into "What makes comedian Ricky Gervais funny?" "How has the appreciation, or representation of migration changed over time?"
Or term 3 'the voice of the author' "Why is Shakespeare's work still considered contemporary or modern 400 years after it was written?"

I chose: Representation of domestic violence in contemporary music - how has it changed?
The who, the why, and the how.
I was inspired by the following questions posed in an article about Rihanna from the October 2013 edition of The Monthly.
"Why do some songwriters choose to make pop product out of violence against women - particularly black women?
What complicity do performers have in this process, if any?
Are they mere dupes of their producers, or are these women trying to convey to us the complex nature of their decisions to stay with - or return to - abusive partners, despite our resistance to hearing it?
These questions don't have simple answers, or even right answers, which doesn't mean that they're not worth asking."

The Hit Machine
Anwyn Crawford

Brown was charged with assaulting Rihanna in 2009, pictured here just months before the attack on his then-girlfriend

Anti-domestic violence protesters have plastered posters 'promoting' Chris Brown's upcoming concert in Sweden, bearing the haunting police photograph of Rihanna's battered face.
30 songs inspired by domestic violence

check out the list

#30. Lou Reed, “Caroline Says (II)”
Lou Reed reworked a number of old songs played and recorded by The Velvet Underground for his 1973 album Berlin.

Much of that album—the story of a troubled relationship between drug addicts in the titular city—could qualify for this list, but “Caroline Says (II),” a rewrite of the then-unreleased Velvets song “Stephanie Says,” offers a sadly concise description of domestic violence: “Caroline says, as she gets up from the floor, ‘You can hit me all that you want to / but I don’t love you anymore.’”
Billie Holiday:
Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do
The Crystals:
He Hit Me And It Felt Like A Kiss

Four guys from Canada - Grizzly Bear - do a great version of this song here
Nobody's Business

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