This year Burwood Girls High School is again offering the chance for students in Year 10 to visit one of the most important cultural sites in Australia, and one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.
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Uluru - formerly known as Ayers Rock - is also of enormous geological interest and an extraordinary sight from just about every angle!

The trip will involve a flight from Sydney, then a bus from the Ayers Rock Airport to the campground. We will be camping for three or four nights and in addition to bringing tents and sleeping bags some basic food items and cutlery should also be brought - see below for a more thorough list. There is easy access to a supermarket, post office, internet cafe, and some takeaway outlets, and the campground has refrigeration and bar-b-cueing facilities.

Over our stay there are several activities planned including a dot painting workshop from local indigenous women with the opportunity for students to create their own dot painting, a camel ride at dusk to see the sun set over Uluru - a very special experience, a visit to the Ayers Rock Observatory for some serious stargazing, a guided tour at the base of the rock, and a walk around the entire circumfrence of Uluru for the fit and enthusiastic! We will also visit the architecturally renowned Cultural Centre.
The girls will be expected to maintain a log of their experiences either in words, photographs, videos, drawings, voice recordings or any combination of the above.

campsite HQ click here to see their website.

This is our very civilised campsite!

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The pool can be a great refreshing escape after a day visiting the rock!
The camel ride at dusk into the desert to see the sunset over Uluru is pretty special!
Uluru is the world's biggest monolith and is made of arkosic sandstone.
More than two thirds of the rock is actually hidden beneath the ground but what we see is 3.6 kilometres long, 2 kilometres wide and is 9.4 kilometres in circumference.
It is sacred to the local Aboriginal people - the Anangu - and we will NOT be climbing it.

at Jetstar information desk
We depart by JETSTAR from
Sydney's Kingsford Smith
DOMESTIC Terminal T2 -
Jetstar desk
arrive in Northern Territory TBA

Departure from
Ayers Rock Airport
check in at TBA
arrive back in Sydney TBA
what to bring
click luggage tag to see a list of suggested items

Desert climate:

average temperatures range from approximately 22 degrees in winter to 35 degrees in summer -
make sure that you pack sunscreen and a hat!
for more information about our campsite HQ click here to see their website.
sunrise is 5.50am and sunset is at 7.30pm

During the trip parents may call Mr. Dodshon at any time on 0431 625 976

or c/- the Voyager Campground on 1300 134 044 (cost of a local call)

contact Mr D