term 1
Module A
On The Road

Assessment Task #1
Travel Blog
Where in the world would you like to travel?
You will need to research extensively and plan to visit and write about what you saw and experienced on FIVE days of your trip.
You can use your imagination or base your writing on your own actual travel experiences.

Your blog will include:
An Introduction which includes an itinerary for five days of travel.
Advise and relevant information for Australian travellers to each destination.
Official entry requirements from the overseas destination government.
Five Daily Entries which are a minimum of 150 words (not counting headings, quotes, photo captions!)
A record of the places visited and the personal experiences for each day listed in the itinerary.
A Concluding Post that reflects on the effect on your own life as a result of this travel experience.

You will need to demonstrate research for your chosen destinations about: different cultures and societies, global issues, and tourism
Start NOW ... with these three easy steps.
1. Plan trip 2. Research places 3. Write itinerary and blog
Where will you go?
What places are you interested in?
messy festival!

Lots of help here

Can you get there?
How will you get there?
What will you need - permission, passports, innoculation, gear?
travel warning

Latest government travel advice updates here
Check some other blogs and itineraries
and get the style correct.

blog writer

The 20 best travel blogs here

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