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Advertising is a form of communication
used to persuade people (viewers, readers or listeners)
to buy something or do something about products, ideas, or services.
Egyptians used papyrus to make advertisements and wall posters.
Towns and cities of the Middle Ages began to grow but most people couldn't read,
so instead of words the shops had pictures about what they were trying to sell like fish or a bag of flour or a jug of beer.
As education, as well as printing, developed advertising expanded to include leaflets and handbills.
Advertisements started to appear in weekly newspapers in England.

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What are slogans?
They're those advertising words that say something about a company, its products, its reputation, or its standards.
Usually it is just a few simple words. Slogans become more important when they achieve recognition on their own.

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A trademark or logo, is a distinctive sign or indicator used by a business to identify that the products with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.

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lousy labels
As consumers, we love our shampoos, deodorants, lotions, makeup and other personal care products. But as the products add up, so do the chemicals. That's why 64 per cent of us say we're seeking out more 'natural' or 'organic' items.

But how do we know what 'natural' and 'organic' actually mean? What are these labels? It turns out labels like 'natural' and 'organic' are unregulated; they're just marketing terms. Some of these products are no different than the regular, often cheaper brands.

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