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Top 10 Power Words You Should Use in Your Advertising
source: advertising.about.com
10. New -- It's part of basic human makeup to seek novelty.
9. Save -- We all want to save something.
8. Safety -- This could refer to health or long-lasting quality.
7. Proven -- Helps remove fear from trying something new.
6. Love -- Continues to be an all-time favorite.
5. Discover -- Presents a sense of excitement and adventure.
4. Guarantee -- Provides a sense of safety at the time of purchase.
3. Health -- Especially powerful when it applies to a product.
2. Results -- Works in rationalizing a purchase.
1. ???????? -- Listed as the #1 most powerful word in every study reviewed.
 click to see inside! Persuasion Starts With a Good Headline

It's been said that the most important part of any ad is the headline.

It's the first thing read, and if written properly, should arouse the interest of the reader to find out more.
On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body of writing.
It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money.

Here are suggestions for writing effective headlines:

Use short, simple words, usually no more than 10.
Promise a benefit, demonstrate a solution, provide news or vital information.
Select your audience and appeal to their self-interest.
Inspire the reader to go on with curiosity-provoking statements.
Make sure your headline works in complete harmony with the visual.

100 Good Advertising Headlines

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