Burn Baby Burn
Protest is our Area of Study (AOS)
We will explore the literature of protest, examining its purpose and why we challenge the dominant paradigm.....
Severn Suzuki
Severn Suzuki's speech

We will assess and evaluate the impact of language forms and features on the effectiveness of the text.....
Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai's speech
With a core study on the works of contemporary activist Michael Moore, we will engage with a variety of documentaries, digital texts, poetry and nonfiction texts to develop a personal understanding of the place of protest in literature.
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What about YOU?

Are you more likely to:

protect the things you love?
eg forests, whales, free education

prevent the things you don't want?
eg war, pollution, poverty

What are the different forms of protest? / How is language used for protest?

How does graffiti function as a form of protest?)

 what genre is it?

Assessment Task
week 8

Unseen Listening
Comprehension Task.

Students will respond to an unseen listening stimulus and answer four short-answer questions and an extended response question.
Students will have five minutes to read through the questions before the stimulus text is played twice.
While listening, students will be able to take notes and/or begin answering the questions at any given time.
When the second hearing is complete, students will have 50 minutes to complete their responses to the stimulus text.

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