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A community is made up of people who share something in common.
It might be music taste, family, job type, or neighbourhood.
Communities can be any size, and people can belong to many communities at the same time.

Communities are defined by the extent to which people identify with them.
The factors that contribute to the development of sense of community include the factors listed below.

Question 1)
Try and match one factor to each of the people in the illustration and work out to which community each person belongs?
Question 2)
List at least 10 different communities that you below to.

ethnic background - gender and sexuality
- sporting allegiances
- heritage
- popular culture
- neighbourhood
- Aboriginality
- spiritual beliefs
- occupation
- socioeconomic status
- demographic characteristics
- affiliation with the land
- cultural background
- kinship ties
- interest groups
- governance
- rural or urban identity

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